Turlon & Associates offers 50% discount to businesses who wish to avail of virtual project management training…

In this Q&A, we talked to Liam Dillon – Managing Director at Turlon & Associates.



# Tell us about yourself and your company?

At Turlon & Associates, we are focused on the rapidly changing demands of work, but we’re not about hype and trends.

We offer real-world, market-leading training and consultancy in skills which are instantly applicable in every field.

Our courses and consultancy cover Project Management, Program and Process Training and Certification for businesses of all sizes.

# How is the business responding to the COVID-19 challenge?

We have become a 100% virtual business where all our consultancy, training and workshops are run online with our dedicated collaboration software.

# Tell us about your new service/offer?

We are now running all certification courses, virtual leadership workshop, project consultancy/coaching services in a virtual capacity: https://www.turlon.com/training_category/leadership-and-soft-skills/

We are now working with clients from the Middle East to the USA to deliver value-added training that can help their business.

We are happy to offer 50% discount to any business who wishes to avail of virtual project management training….. to find out more contact our Dublin office on 01-282-3688.

# What would be your advice to Irish businesses to help make it through the coming months?

Come and visit us on Video Log to see our top three tips for small businesses www.turlon.com/video-log

# How can people find out more about you and get in touch with you?

For more information visit: www.turlon.com or email admin@turlon.com