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The Reiki School of Ireland

I first started teaching Reiki after working as a practitioner for some time in 2015. Since then I have performed over 500 Reiki Attunements and left many Reiki Masters to follow on my lineage. During a meditation in December 2018, I was blessed to be shown the Reiki School of Ireland, and how I am to change its teachings for the higher good in this country. You see I believe that learning Reiki is a journey, a journey of self -discovery, self-healing, self -acceptance, and most importantly, self- belief! Have I said self enough? That’s because I BELIEVE that’s the most important aspect in your journey, healing you from within, balancing body, mind, soul. I absolutely do not condone anyone teaching Reiki from level 1 to becoming a Master and some will even grant you Master Teacher rights after training for 3 days… To me, that is pure neglect of not only you but to Reiki itself. Reiki opens you up to a much higher level of awareness, which you need time and a lot of support to adjust to. Which is where we come in…. I decided I was going to Trial a weekly Morning Reiki class taking you from level 1 up as opposed to learning one level over one weekend, and I’m finding the difference phenomenal. Not only are the student’s way ahead, but they are much more confident in their own healings, and this is the way I would like to teach in the future as I find it much more beneficial to you the student. I know a weekly class is not going to be possible for everyone and they would rather do a weekend, so I have designed a new diploma course to take you from start to completion. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one simple step…. Take that step and start your own epic journey, I promise you will not be disappointed....
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Edgar Textiles /Amber Guard

Edgar Textiles is a family run company that specialises in providing upholstery fabrics. Our fabric is used to decorate home interiors, hotels, restaurants, bars, yachts, caravans, etc. We offer a wide range of colours and patterns, various textures and types of fabrics, but all our fabrics have one feature - they are of high quality to meet the expectations of our customers. Following eco trends, our latest collection called the Green Line is made of recycled plastic bottles. This fabric is incredibly soft, highly abrasion-resistant and its production has a positive effect on the environment. First of all, is made of recycled plastic bottles, and making such fabric does not require the same amount of energy and water as when creating an ordinary fabric. Regarding fabrics, there is one thing that distinguishes the Irish and English markets from other European Union countries. Upholstery fabrics in Ireland must be certified as flame resistant. As a result, the choice of fabrics available on the market was limited. At this point, the idea to expand our offer was born and this is how Amber Guard was created. Amber Guard is providing a fabric flame retardant service. Our service meets the required standards for fabrics used for domestic and commercial purposes. The product used for this treatment is completely natural, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, human-friendly. It does not contain any toxic ingredients, only natural stuff. Recent events related to the pandemic, made the Amber Guard offer extended by a gel for hand disinfection. This is another product that we are very proud of because it has been appreciated by many customers. Our gel is gentle on the skin, moisturises it, and leaves it soft to the touch. It is enriched with the scent of green tea, which smells nice and soothes irritations. We are glad that we have the opportunity to supply many hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shops, factories, and other workplaces of our clients....
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