This All-Star Pivots With Successful New Service In Response To COVID-19 Challenge


In this Q&A, we talked to Brian McDonnell – Group CEO at accredited Business All-Stars Highline Office Technology.



#Tell us about yourself and your company?

Highline has been around since April 2010. We have grown from a standing start to a 2 million T/O with 9 staff.

We sell and maintain office equipment including photocopiers, printers, multi-functional devices and scanners. Customers include Chill Insurance, G4S, Sam Dennigan and many others.

#What challenges are you facing at present?

We have seen print volumes nose dive as people moved out of the office to work from home.

Many orders were cancelled prior to delivery and companies have refused to pay for deliveries they did take in because they are not using them.

Also, many clients cancelled their DD. Some of the businesses we deal with have closed down, hopefully, they will reopen again.

#How is the business responding to the COVID-19 challenge?

We have had to furlough half of our staff and look to reduce our own bills. We’ve come to an arrangement with our landlord and other suppliers and we are coping well.

Turnover is half of what it was but I do expect that it will come back fully. We have applied for COVID-19 business relief loans and we have decided that we will sell home printers online so we are enabling our website to do this.

#Tell us about your new service/offer?

Once the talk changed to going back to work we realised that companies would have to make sure their staff had a clean and safe environment to come back to. Photocopiers, MFDs and printers are high touch areas.

The user panel of the office MFD is touched at some time by everyone in the office. It is also a very sensitive area so you cannot clean it with just anything or you will lose the sensitivity or it will stop working altogether. What we offer is a 3 step process:

  • Step 1. Deep clean the machine and blow out dust.
  • Step 2. Apply a primer to the machine.
  • Step 3. apply a liquid guard to the machine.

The liquid guard will stop germs from spreading for 12 months, it is environmentally friendly and poses no risk to humans or animals. It will stop the spread of all viruses and germs including salmonella, common cold and flu, coronavirus and many more.

Since we started this we have been asked if we can apply this to desk and mobile phones, chairs and workstations, PCs and laptops. Everything from keys to lanyards and remote controls to the common computer mouse.

The answer of course is yes, we will also take a record of when we do the clean and asset tag what we clean and schedule the next clean in 12 months on our system. We have been so busy with this for the clients we are now taking bookings for July.

This is an image of the germs on your hand at any given time of the day and next to that is an image of the typical MFD. As you can see the germs spread rapidly. People talk about germs on your mobile phone. Usually, your mobile phone is only used by you but an MFD is used by, potentially dozens of people. Images of high touchpoints can be found at Highline Office Technology Please do not hesitate t contact me for more information.
#How do people get in touch with you?

Email and in the subject box put Sanitisation. In the body of the email include your company name and address and if possible some details on the make and model of the printers you have and a contact number. We will call you back and schedule your call out.