The pursuit of happiness: Longford’s Precision Customs wins business award

The pursuit of happiness is the name of the game for Rafael Costa and the team at Precision Customs, Longford, where beautiful and professional custom works are carried out on motorcycles.

The multi-award-winning business was set up on the Athlone Road two years ago and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Rafael moved to Ireland from Portugal in 2006 and took a path to pursue his dream career in motorcycle customization. His first projects were on his own bikes and, when he went to the RDS for a show which attracted 150,000 people, he was astounded to be the recipient of a People’s Choice Award.

“It’s quite big. We were the underdogs. No one knew who we were and we just took the place by storm,” Rafael recalled.

“The business itself started from a dream of transforming things into something very desirable. I was in the car industry. I didn’t have a clue that there was a business opportunity with bikes, because I thought there was very little to do with bikes. When I decided to give it a shot I just stumbled onto something very unique.”

Rafael’s business is the only one in the region doing custom work on bikes, so when it came down to starting his business two years ago, he had an advantage.

“The passion and the motivation behind what we are doing is the unique selling point of the business. It’s hard for me to put everything into words because my emotions always run high when it comes to these things. But it’s been amazing,” said a proud Rafael.

Thanks to their work ethic, passion and motivation and customer-centricity, Precision Customs was recently the recipient of an All-Ireland Business All-Stars Award 2020 – an amazing achievement at a time when very few businesses were in a position to open their doors due to Covid-19.

“We knew that we had something quite special and unique but nothing prepared us for this All-Star Business award. It was a mix of emotions and we were very surprised, but again this is why we work so hard and having this recognition for our work makes it all worthwhile,” Rafael explained.

Precision Customs have almost 12,000 followers on Facebook at the moment, with more and more people from across the country following Rafael and his team’s work all the time.

But it’s the local community that has had a profound impact on Rafael and his business.

“Longford and Longford people really support me and everyone is behind this project. We are not here to take part. We’re here to take over,” he explained.

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Posted by Precision Customs on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

“But we always like to give back. It’s not about taking in, it’s more the giving back and receiving that back again.

“We try to get involved in the community as much as we can. It’s an everyday task. It’s a pursuit of happiness. Every day we try to battle as much as we can to reach our goals and to inspire others as well,” Rafael concluded.

Precision Customs is located in Heather View Business Park, Athlone Road, Longford town and can be contacted via 085 754 2671 or via Facebook (@precisioncustoms37).

This post first appeared in Longford Leader Telegraph.