The Necessary Tools for Business Growth- A1 Sales Coach (Includes Free Digital Ebook)

In this Q&A, we talked to Trevor Moore-leading business growth mentor. Trevor has been working in sales management and coaching for over 30 years and has mentored Multi-National Companies all over Europe. Early last year he decided to concentrate more in Ireland and deliver some of his key experiences and learnings, to small and medium-sized enterprises in Ireland. Believing, he had the knowledge and the experience he needed a vehicle, a method, of getting the message across in an easy to understand platform.

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# Tell us about A1 Sales Coach?

A1 Sales Coach was created to give small and medium-sized businesses the tools, techniques and strategies to quickly and easily grow their business revenues and profits. My vision is to revolutionise and deliver world-class results-driven and affordable business growth mentoring to all my clients.

# What challenges are you helping your clients solve?

I provide solutions to combat a wide range of challenges, such as cash flow issues, loss of key clients and COVID-19. Far too many businesses go bust because their owners don’t have the skills, knowledge or expertise to market their business successfully. The world is changing at a rate that is staggering and solutions of yesterday will not be good enough to face the challenges of tomorrow. I am passionate about helping business owners of SME’s in Ireland adapt and thrive in the marketplace today.

# What was the motivation behind writing your book, “Immediate Business Growth Solutions”?

Steve Hackney, ex-international rugby player and I wanted to write this book “Immediate Business Growth Solutions” because we believed that no business owner has ever been given a proven, end to end, step-by-step FORMULA which guarantees business growth. Crucially the most successful businesses use certain elements and when combined they are in a position to deliver the highest returns and profits. The difference between businesses applying these elements and those who do not are staggering.

My hope is that after reading this book, you will be one step closer to reaching your goals and ambitions. You’ll be in a better position to create a thriving business that helps you multiply your sales and profits while dominating the competition.

Free Copy- “Immediate Business Growth Solutions”

I am offering a FREE digital copy of “Immediate Business Growth Solutions”. Just click here and it will be available immediately. All I ask is that you send me your views and comments to trevor@a1salescoach (feel free to reach out to me to request a hard copy, which can be purchased for €15 including P&P).

I know you’re busy and I understand how valuable your time is but, you will not regret starting this book. I promise it will not be a waste of time. This book is different from any other business book you may have read, in three important ways:

  1. Everything I share with you is Timeless. The FORMULA is Evergreen. You’re getting timeless strategies, concepts and tactics that will work forever.
  2. Practice what we Preach. That’s why I and my clients use the FORMULA every day.
  3. Simple, Quick and Easy Implementation.

#1 Bonus Offer

I suggest for you to examine what you are doing right now. I remember being told, it’s never easy getting somewhere if you don’t know where you are starting from. Click here and complete the link, and I will run the Sales Accelerator Roadmap with you for FREE. Using a series of yes and no questions and a unique algorithm we will find the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your business. We will then set out a Roadmap and Pathway with the end goal of business success in mind.

#2 Bonus Offer

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# What should people do if they would like a consultation with you?

Some of those who got their hands on this book before it went to print asked me if I could take a look at their attempt to implement the Formula and if I could evaluate their efforts.

While many had made good progress, it was easy to pinpoint minor details within their plan that could be altered. Once brought to attention and changed accordingly, we were able to see dramatic changes in results, pretty much overnight. If you can relate, then schedule an appointment on my website and we can discuss.

P.S. Please visit my website and feel free to leave a comment. There are also some enlightening articles on the website that could be of benefit.

Free eBook Download