ODCE to exhibit at the All-Ireland Business Summit 2020


We are delighted to announce that ODCE will join the line up as an exhibitor at the 6th All-Ireland Business Summit at Croke Park on September 8th, 2020.

The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) was set up as a statutory office on 28 November 2001.

The Director’s principal functions, under the Companies Act 2014, include :

  • encourage compliance with the Act;
  • investigate instances of suspected offences under the Act;
  • enforce the Act, including by the prosecution of offences by way of summary proceedings;
  • refer cases, at his discretion, to the Director of Public Prosecutions (“DPP”) where an
    indictable offence may have been committed; and
  • exercise a supervisory role over the activities of liquidators and receivers.

ODCE encourages compliance with the Companies Act by providing information and
communicating their message publicly.

A key element of ODCE advocacy strategy is its outreach and communication programme.
This consists of, amongst other things, the delivery of presentations and talks to stakeholder groups along with attendance at seminars and conferences with an information stand.

In 2018

  • ODCE delivered 25 public presentations free of charge to their target audience and
    hosted an information stand at 17 Seminars/Conferences and other events.

All-Ireland Business Summit 2020Publications

ODCE has published a suite of 7 detailed information books on the role and duties of directors, secretaries, members, etc. To complement these books, ODCE has published a
suite of 11 Quick Guides on various topics which are wrote in plain English (approved by the National Adult Literacy Agency NALA).

ODCE has identified certain constituencies of being its target audience, including:

  • Persons considering incorporating or persons that have recently incorporated
  • professionals engaged in the provision of advice to companies and company directors,
    who are by virtue of those activities, well placed to relay the ODCE’s compliance message to clients and so considerably expand the office’s reach.
  • students currently enrolled in business programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate
    level, and
  • the community and voluntary sectors.

At the Summit ODCE staff will be available to answer questions on company law and related topics. In addition, they will offer copies of their information books and quick guides to interested parties, which have proven very popular at similar events.

ODCE website

ODCE hosts a website which contains all their publications including their annual report which sets out the office activities and the wide range of outputs it delivers during the year.
The website also contains a frequently asked questions section (FAQ) which contains overs 90 questions and answers which assist their stakeholders to comply with their statutory obligations under company law.

Get in touch with ODCE:

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