How Might We Join our Summit 2020 Exhibitor Line Up


We are delighted to announce that How Might We will join the line up as an exhibitor at the 6th All-Ireland Business Summit at Croke Park on September 8th, 2020.

They are husband and wife co-founders that returned from Australia a year ago. They spent seven years there but realised that having their little girl, Anna, grow up surrounded by her family was more important than the beautiful lifestyle Australia provided.  

They both have complementary skills, experience and mindsets and share a passion for helping SME’s benefit from the various innovation methods that Multinationals successfully use.

How Might We is just 9 months old and have so far worked with a number of SME’s, Semi-state and Multinationals such as Microsoft. The team has already doubled in size and they’re excited for the year ahead.

How Might We creates unique workshops that empower teams to think creatively and communicate effectively in order to improve employee and customer experiences.
How they facilitate such conversations is through the Lego Serious Play method. As the name suggests participants use Lego pieces to express their thoughts on the main objective of the workshops Eg: Strategy development or team alignment.

All-Ireland Business Summit 2020This method is over 15 years old and has been successfully used by organisations such as Google, Facebook, Roche and NASA to name a few. What is most powerful about this method is that people listen for 75% of the workshop, so only express their opinions for 25%.

How Might We work with teams that are curious to try something different. They’ve most likely sat through team workshops that failed to deliver so are wary that another traditional workshop will most likely lead to traditional outcomes.

“The only way to understand the Lego Serious Play method is to actually experience it so we will facilitate mini-sessions at our exhibitor stand. Please drop by… definitely can’t miss us with all the Lego!”

“We’re a purpose-driven company. While we primarily work with private companies we’re also passionate about bringing this innovative method to not-for-profits. We will be working with a number of NFP’s in 2020 and would love if the TRIBE could recommend us to more. There is absolutely no fee attached so please direct them to our website.”

Get in touch with How Might We:

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