Q&A With Damien McCarthy Of All-Star Accredited Killarney HR & Payroll

In this Q&A, we talked to Damien McCarthy – Business Owner at Killarney HR & Payroll.


# Tell us about yourself and your company?

Damien McCarthy is a founding partner of Business All-Star accredited enterprise Killarney HR & Payroll. Killarney HR & Payroll is one of the few HR service providers who operate payroll along with HR services, aligning HR/People strategy with overall business strategy. This gives us and the businesses we work with an edge.

People are the most valuable asset in a business and our service dedicates itself not only to compliance but takes it a step further by helping business owners and their people managers streamline their operations into an efficient performance development process. This saves on time and cost and ultimately achieves better results and success for businesses.

# Why do your clients choose to do business with you?

Killarney HR & Payroll are currently readying to launch a new collaboration with an HR software provider. This not only can be offered to the businesses directly involved with our service but can also be offered to support larger employers who already have in house HR departments in place. This will open up a whole new market for our service.

# Tell us about your focus/new initiatives in 2020?

We ask our clients to continually review our relationship and are always willing to adapt, learn and grow with our clients and their businesses.

We are of the opinion that we keep our clients on their toes with the service we provide and they, in turn, keep us on ours.

We are available for review on Google and currently have a 5-star rating. We are consistently developing our social media presence and online content by offering up to date and relevant information and advice which in turn helps our current and future clients.

# How can people find out more about you and get in touch with you?

You can get in touch by visiting www.killarneyhrb.ie and filling out a contact form or email us at info@killarneyhrb.ie. You can reach Damien McCarthy directly at Damien@killarneyhrb.ie

Please click here to download your Free copy of Covid-19 FAQ’S: An Employer’s Guide By Damien McCarthy – Killarney HR & Payroll