Tosk Global Ventures- Business All-Star Accreditation

Tosk Global Ventures

Accredited Since: September 2020
Address: 11 Grove Court, Grove Road D15 EY23 Dublin Ireland
Sector: Import and Export of Food produce

Tosk Global Ventures

Temitope Okunjolu CEO,Tosk Global Ventures with his All-Star accreditation certificate.
Temitope Okunjolu CEO,Tosk Global Ventures with his All-Star accreditation certificate.

Tosk Global Ventures have successfully navigated 3 rounds of auditing which proved their performance, trust and customer-centricity.

The auditing process has left us in no doubt as to Tosk Global Ventures’s suitability for Business All-Star accreditation and their inclusion in The Register of Irish Business Excellence (TRIBE).

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

About Tosk Global Ventures

TOSK Global Ventures Limited is an Irish based import and export company established to provide quality products and services in Europe and other countries it operates in.

The company primarily trades agricultural commodities from Nigeria and other parts of Africa. It has acquired a world-class solution to meet our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs which is globally unrivalled in our areas of operation.

TOSK has a presence in the product origin and buying countries, which allows the company to supervise product processing from the farm and work with clients directly at the same time.

TOSK Global Ventures puts in hard work to make sure it provides its customers with good quality products at reasonable prices.

Tosk Global Ventures - Business All-Stars Accreditation

Message from Temitope Okunjolu - CEO, Tosk Global Ventures

All of us at TOSK Global Ventures Ltd are delighted to have been awarded the Business All-Stars accreditation. It is a great achievement for a business, knowing that the auditing process confirms the highest standard.

We have been audited by All-Stars Team with a focus on performance, trust, and customer-centricity and we are very proud that we have successfully surpassed the required benchmarks in each category.

It proves the team’s constant commitment to offer the highest level of product quality, service, support, and customer satisfaction, therefore it is a big achievement for us.

Being part of The TRIBE with All-Stars brings future opportunities, wider connections among business sectors and it encourages collaboration between. Thus said, we are privileged to be the members of the high-class community.