MacLachlan & Donaldson (Ireland) to exhibit at the 6th All-Ireland Business Summit


MacLachlan & Donaldson is one of Ireland’s leading Intellectual Property firms, having zealously fought for their clients’ rights for more than 50 years. Their highly trained staff of attorneys and the extensive resources are dedicated to protecting your IP interests.

The team have been dealing with intellectual property law for more than half a century, and their attorneys have consistently remained at the forefront of the evolving practice of IP, making them the ideal advocates to manage your IP in an ever-changing world.

The firm is extremely proud of the breadth and high standard of the qualifications, experience and dedication of its directors and staff and places great emphasis on effective training.

At the heart of the mission and values of the School of Business in Maynooth University is to provide practice engaged, research-informed education that can address the opportunities and challenges faced by Irish and International businesses.

The firm began on January 1, 1967, when it was founded by Norman MacLachlan, a Chartered Patent Agent and Trade Mark Agent. Three years later he was joined by Frank Donaldson, also a Chartered Patent Agent with years of experience in London. In 1972 they cemented their partnership by officially creating MacLachlan & Donaldson.

Within a decade their partnership had grown to one of the largest Intellectual Property law firms in Ireland with the help of a reputation for delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for their clients. Strong personal relationships with clients combined with zealous professional advocacy have resulted in long-standing partnerships.

MacLachlan & Donaldson has grown many times over the years, always bringing in new faces with wide ranging expertise. In 1996 the firm acquired the IP practice of Dermot P Cummins & Co. and in 2002 they formed a strategic alliance with Ansons, one of Northern Ireland’s largest IP firms. This has enabled them to offer their services in all parts of the island of Ireland, particularly useful when businesses so often straddle the border.


The firm provide services covering trade marks, patents, designs and the commercialization of your intellectual property.

Whether you have invented a product, crafted a design, or created a trade mark, intellectual property is a valuable asset to any business. They work diligently with all their clients to ensure that their intellectual property is protected and delivers tangible gains for their business.


Their clients include some of the world’s most prestigious and well known companies, as well as many individual innovators and small enterprises, granting their team experience protecting interests both great and small.

Many of their clients work at the cutting edge of science and technology, while others are market leaders in the retail and service sectors. With the extensive expertise they have working in different areas, and the breadth of qualifications brought to the table by their attorneys, they can devise a tailored strategy for their clients, no matter their needs.

Their individually tailored advice is rooted in their relationships with clients, and a deep understanding of their businesses and market needs.

For clients with IP interests that range beyond Europe, they have a worldwide network of prestigious IP firms whom they work with, ensuring that they can protect your interests in any corner of the globe.

What MacLachlan & Donaldson offer

MacLachlan & Donaldson’s experienced and enthusiastic team of professionals are dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective services to their clients, ensuring that their intellectual property is protected and adding value to their business no matter what the field it is in, or the challenges that present themselves.

The modern business world moves faster than ever, and they understand the need their clients have for the most up to date commercial advice that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

“We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, using that intimate knowledge of their business to understand and anticipate their commercial needs and deliver focused, custom strategies for each one. We take the time to understand our clients, to listen, to evaluate and to protect their assets. We look forward to meeting the attendees of the Summit in order to understand what their needs are at this point in their business”.

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