Lessons learned in mindfulness out of personal tragedy


Leadership requires you to know how to act under extreme pressure. Justin has proved his abilities in the world of business, time and time again. He has built and sold organisations from the ground up in multiple countries. He excelled financially, major successes, beautiful houses, sports cars and the lifestyle we are told to strive for. However, along that journey, he lost himself.

It took losing his son Joshua, to wake him up to what is truly important.

Justin uses this keynote to demonstrate four keys traits of great leaders, as seen through the lens of his struggles to care for his terminally ill son, over the eleven-months of his short life.

1. Calmness
2. Ability to listen
3. Being measured
4. Resilience

We all have differing levels of trauma in our lives. Justin shows how we can learn from these traumas, and integrate the knowledge we receive into our life and business. Although he watched his son die, in this talk he shares how he learned to give thanks for Joshua’s life, rather than being persecuted by his death.

“It took losing my son to find myself. I am thankful for all that Joshua brought to me. It was the wisdom I needed to find a life filled with purpose and love” — Justin