GeoDirectory offers 20% off AddressFix Service to businesses who apply before 31st July 2020

In this Q&A, we talked to Dara Keogh – CEO at GeoDirectory.



# Tell us about GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory is the custodian of Ireland’s most comprehensive and accurate database of residential and commercial addresses (all 1.9 million buildings that receive post in the Republic of Ireland), providing services relevant for a wide range of audiences from Government departments, private organisations of all sizes, and individuals through products such as GeoAddress SmartData, GeoAddressFix, GeoAddress Checked and our app called GeoFindIT.

We are in the unique position of having access to An Post’s resources of manpower and field knowledge along with the cutting edge technology of Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI). This means we receive new address and location information before anyone else in the market so our customers have the very latest, definitive data.

#What challenges are you helping your customers solve?

Our aim is to help customers’ businesses convert data into a profit-making resource by maximising the value of their data through the provision of accurate, comprehensive, reliable data.

For example, our customers might contact us to purchase an address list in order to plan and execute marketing campaigns, or they might ask us to clean their own address lists and use it for demographic profiling, removing errors which will ultimately increase target accuracy and drive growth.

#How is the business responding to the COVID-19 challenge?

We immediately mobilised our team to work from home ensuring continual service to our existing clients. We took great care to communicate company news regularly with clients through calls and emails, and we looked for ways that our business could be of help to the people of Ireland, during this very unsettling time.

With that in mind, we quickly developed a Covid-19 tracker map to give people a visual representation of the Irish situation. The map shows the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and fatalities per county, and per province. We update it weekly and welcome feedback on it from our social media followers. One great suggestion led us to improve it visually by including graphs which were well received.

We also developed our location app, GeoFindIt, to include a 2km, 5km, then 20km radius indicator so that people could adhere to government guidelines and stay safe.

#Tell us about your new service/offer?

GeoAddressFix is a DIY online service we offer that allows businesses to clean their customer data list in just minutes. It’s a simple 3 step process and guarantees your list is error-free.

You could say it gives your data a confidence boost! Having access to accurate information allows for better data-driven decisions which cut down on unnecessary costs. The knock-on effect is reduced costs, improved customer care and brand satisfaction and ultimately an increase in sales.

We are delighted that businesses are reopening but we’re also acutely aware of the strain the last couple of months has put on many, especially the smaller ones. With that in mind, we’re offering all company’s a 20% discount off our AddressFix service. All you need to do is visit and use the code “DATA02” to avail of your 20% discount. The offer is available until 31st July 2020.

#How do people get in touch with you?

For anyone who wishes to get in touch with us please email or phone 01 705 7005. Check out our website