Genos Europe offers 10 percent discount on their ‘Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus’ program…


In this Q&A, we talked to Aoife Gorey – Director, Marketing & Partnerships EU at accredited Business All-Stars Genos Europe.



# Tell us about yourself and your company?

Genos International Europe helps organisations apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership, resilience, and mindfulness.

In our world of ‘do more with less’, applying a mindful and emotionally intelligent approach is fundamental to success. Genos International Europe is based in Kildare and supports a global network of coaches, trainers and facilitators.

They specialise in the provision of emotional intelligence assessment solutions and development programs for helping organisations develop mindfulness, resilience, and strategies for creating happier, more productive and engaged workforces.

# How is the business responding to the COVID-19 challenge?

Genos Europe has created a specialised resilience and stress-management training titled ‘Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus’ to help organisations deal with the current challenges faced by COVID-19.

The content and delivery consist of a variety of proven techniques and strategies for building more resilient, happier teams by helping them to shift their mindset about stress and equipping them with a selection of practices for supporting their everyday lives.

# Tell us about your new service/offer?

In four 60-minute live sessions, attendees experience a shift in their stress mindset that will radically change how they respond to the challenges of the coming months.

They’ll learn about research from the neuroscience of stress coupled with proven mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices to equip them with the deep resilience they need to deal with this crisis.

By the end of this experience, they’ll be equipped with a unique and practical toolset that will not only help them come through this time of challenge in one piece but will help them become their best selves in the process of doing this – making personal breakthroughs they never thought possible in the face of such challenging times.

They’ll walk away with an actionable approach for shifting their mindset when it comes to stress and challenges at work, and how they deal with them.

All programs are highly customisable to the needs of an organisation and their teams – with the option of additional sessions. The sessions are delivered live, online and are suitable for employees at all levels and roles in the organisation.

The course works through:

1. Coping with the Coronavirus Challenge
2. Developing Inner Calm
3. Building up your Emotional Resilience
4. Envisioning a Post-Coronavirus Life

Some feedback from recent participants on our resilience programs:

“That was one formidable program!!!! Thank you for making it available to us.”

“It made me conscious of what to be thankful for…which is plenty ..instead of focusing on the bad news and crisis we are in now”

“By far one of the most valuable programs I’ve had the privilege of attending. THANK YOU!!!”

“Thanks, Deiric & Aoife this has really raised my mood today and put perspective on what is important in our lives.”

“Felt so grateful that I could feel my heart beating when so many hearts are stopping at this time.”

“Today’s session was excellent. It has really started to make me begin to rethink my whole mindset on work stress.”

“Really enjoy applying exercises that I’m aware of, would use with clients however would rarely consider for my own purposes.”

“Reduces stress, helped me to focus on the right thing, gave me a calmer sleep.”


If you’d like to host a customised online ‘Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus’ resilience program in your organisation, Genos Europe is offering a 10% discount for organisations. Learn more about the program here and to avail of the discount, contact Genos Europe at

If you’re a smaller business or independent business owner, you are welcome to take part in a recent social responsibility program ‘The Global Resilience Challenge’ free of charge. It’s a self-paced online 4 part resilience & stress-management course. Sign up here.